Stop Informing, Start Collaborating — Lu’s Newsletter — Issue #13

Meetings are where I spend a lot of my time, they’re also one of the things that burn more cash and fatigue people in companies. Yet we repeat habits we know are destructive. This issue is dedicated to exploring ways we can make them better. As always, thanks a lot to everyone who shared the previous issues 🤗. If you’re feeling generous (and a little smarter) by the end of this, share it on Twitter and LinkedIn, and let’s help more people stop burning cash and, worse, time in meetings!
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Stop Informing, Start Collaborating

It’s way harder to catch someone’s attention when we’re competing with thousand different things they can do on their computer–Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Remote work is not going anywhere. Gartner Research has found that 82% of company leaders will allow people to work some of the time remotely. Yet, we’re still relying on some of the practices that do not work remotely. Meeting fatigue has increased with all the video calls we’re jam-packing in a single day. People are tired, unengaged, and angry at meetings even more than they were before. And they’re right.

You might get the urge right now to assign blame and finger-point. “If they cared about the message, they would be paying attention.” Or something like that might go through your head. I urge you not to. It’s upon us to lead the company to find what’s more effective and find ways to convey information and collaborate that work better remotely.

So what’s the fix? There’s still information we need to convey to multiple people. We still need alignment and commitment. I’ve found that some things help:

  1. Avoid informational meetings, focus on outcomes
  2. Enable discussion and collaboration
  3. Prepare

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