• Leonardo Araújo

    Leonardo Araújo

  • Danilo Santos

    Danilo Santos

  • Deniseyumiya


    pesquisadora, designer e produteira

  • Fernando Nunes Frota

    Fernando Nunes Frota

  • Letícia Pires

    Letícia Pires

    I help teams create engaging product experiences and new services… with a lot of sharpies, post-its and collaborative mindset. Design Manager @QuintoAndar.

  • Eizo Nishime

    Eizo Nishime

    I love to code and drink beer, sometimes at the same time. Currently acting as Software Engineering Manager @ QuintoAndar.

  • Roger Martins

    Roger Martins

  • Bruno Braga

    Bruno Braga

    Google Software Engineer. Interested in fitness, philosophy and cinema. Always follow your heart, as it knows you better.

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