Meetings are where I spend a lot of my time, they’re also one of the things that burn more cash and fatigue people in companies. Yet we repeat habits we know are destructive. This issue is dedicated to exploring ways we can make them better. As always, thanks a lot to everyone who shared the previous issues 🤗. If you’re feeling generous (and a little smarter) by the end of this, share it on Twitter and LinkedIn, and let’s help more people stop burning cash and, worse, time in meetings!
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Stop Informing, Start Collaborating

Email → Slack → Notion →…

We talk a lot about quality, we rarely stop to explain what we mean. Quality is intrinsically connected with agility, so building effective, agile teams comes from being able to build quality incrementally. Knowing how to measure it is an important step in that way. So this issue dedicated to that subject. Share it with others to help build a shared understanding :) originally posted @Revue

What’s Software Quality, after all?

Quality is one of those terms thrown around that people assume we get what it is. Different people see different details of quality and talk as if it was the same thing. That’s a…

When we’re building our product, we’re passionate about enabling users to do more, empowering them. This passion leads to the creation of more and more ways the users can use our products to better accomplish their goals. Working like this rarely leaves us the time to tune and optimize, and it’s common to accumulate a lot of performance technical debt. At some point, we realize as a company that neglecting performance is directly affecting our business results. When that day comes, what should we do?

A long highway road with trees on the side
The road to a performant product is long, the sooner you start, the better — Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Note: In QuintoAndar, we’re still walking the path towards an excellent product performance. Furthermore, not…

React is improving fast and new versions pack a lot of different cool features built into the library. One of the coolest is the set of tooling around Memoization. In this post, we’ll learn a few tips and tricks on the subject, things I’ve used in production, and helped me speed up heavy renders.

Why it matters

Memoizing is a well-known concept in computer programming, aiming to speed up programs by caching results of expensive function calls and re-using those cached results to avoid repeating those expensive operations:

Memoization speeding up an expensive component's render

When using React, depending on how big and complex your component tree is, the process…

Improving and protecting your website performance can directly affect your results. Understanding just how much will give you and your team a powerful tool and a new way to impact your users’ experience

Your website if you don’t take care of its performance — photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash

Like José M. Perez said beautifully in his article Fostering a Web Performance Culture:

Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers. Performance is a feature and needs to be prioritized as such.

Mainly to get non-developers to buy-in, we need to size how much improving performance impacts business metrics and precisely to what…

Make it a habit to measure your performance. There may be a lot of easy but impactful fixes that you need to do;

A highway because, you know, like, fast things and such

At QuintoAndar we have been working hard on building our Single Page Application, Progressive Web App as a way to improve the experience of our users. As a part of this process, one of the main concerns was to have our web application feel native, providing a smooth and fast 🚀 experience. If you ever built a large javascript application, then you already know how much of a challenge this is.

During that process, we learned a lot about how to maintain good productivity while avoiding most pitfalls that can deteriorate performance. …

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Software Engineer @ QuintoAndar. Proud "owner" of 3 beautiful cats 🐈 Passionate about Web Development, Performance and building awesome user experiences

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