Improving and protecting your website performance can directly affect your results. Understanding just how much will give you and your team a powerful tool and a new way to impact your users’ experience

Your website if you don’t take care of its performance — photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash

Like José M. Perez said beautifully in his article Fostering a Web Performance Culture:

Web Performance is…

Make it a habit to measure your performance. There may be a lot of easy but impactful fixes that you need to do;

A highway because, you know, like, fast things and such

At QuintoAndar we have been working hard on building our Single Page Application, Progressive Web App as a way to improve the experience of our users. As a part of this process, one of the main concerns was to have our web application feel native, providing a smooth and fast…

Luciano Holanda Gomes

Software Engineer @ QuintoAndar. Proud "owner" of 3 beautiful cats 🐈 Passionate about Web Development, Performance and building awesome user experiences

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